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Services for Developers

Time is money, right? 5R has the experience and expertise to give you what you need, when you need it.

Need a quick summary of the bylaws and challenges of a potential acquisition site?

Let us do the legwork for you. We'll go through the applicable OCP/NCP, GIS data, and municipal bylaws applicable to your target site and summarize everything in a 2-3 page written report, complete with relevant images. With the facts at your fingertips, you'll be able to make an educated decision whether to close the deal or let it go.

Need a little more before pulling the trigger and inking the deal?

While the OCP/NCP can tell you (or a seller) what land use and density is allowed on their property, every site has unique constraints that limit what can actually fit. We can prepare a conceptual site layout/yield study to determine an actual realistic unit count or GFA to help set reasonable expectations of density and help facilitate a fair deal.

Need something more detailed for an appraisal or investor brochure?

If you're not quite ready to sign on an architect, we can prepare a conceptual design with as much detail as you need to present to potential investors, partners, lenders or appraisers. When you're ready to bring on the project design team, we will hand off to a registered architect of your choice to complete the DP application. If you need a recommendation, we can provide some names from our network of design professionals.

Need another set of eyes on your DP/BP application sets?

Everyone is busy these days, including your consultant team. Tight timelines, new graduates, and budget constraints put pressure on firms to issue drawings that may not be fully-coordinated or submission-ready, resulting in a long list of comments from municipal staff requiring revisions and resubmission. Furthermore, many firms are understaffed and their senior-level associates are pulled in many directions, often resulting in a triage situation where their priorities might not align with your own.

We can review your DP/BP application progress sets with your best interests at the forefront: yield, unit layouts, conformity to city requirements for submission, drawing coordination, constructability; we will check everything and flag any potential issues before the application is sent to the municipality, because nothing is more of a time-waster than having numerous rounds of comments and revisions prior to proceeding to Council for approval, only to have to go back for a DP amendment because something was missed.

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