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Services for Architects

Stay laser-focused on what matters most to your firm and let us help you get there.

Preliminary site reviews and yield studies

Before allocating valuable resources on a project that might go nowhere, let us have a look and determine the developability of the subject site. We'll go through the OCP/NCP and Zoning bylaws to figure out if the client's vision is possible, and/or identify the potential variances needed to be applied for. We can provide a written summary, or we can explore potential site layouts or massing studies to determine density targets.

Progress set drawing reviews

It is often a necessity to use more junior technologists to produce your drawings, then have a more senior associate review and redline them for accuracy and ensure they meet your standard of quality. However, we all know how stretched teams are these days, so in order to reduce the "review, redline, revise" feedback loop from monopolizing your resources, we can take care of catching the majority of those issues. By the time the package is ready for your review, there should be minimal revisions necessary and you can focus on the big picture items.

BIM/CAD Services

Need a little help preparing those drawings? Send us your sketches or preliminary plans and with your direction, we'll put together the package you need in either .rvt or .dwg formats. We can also help identify where additional sections or details might be necessary for clearer design intent or constructability.

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